Costume Swap Part 1

Part 2

Edit: WOOOW So this post got an unbelieble number of notes and make me gain an unbelievable number of followers and I thank you all for this but it wouldn’t be fair that the artist get no credits for it. So if you really like it could you please visit the page of the artist Godohelp who is just incredibly talented and fav her artworks and/ or maybe leave a comment? 

The Idea, The Work and The “Stairs” 

This piece of work is based on Edwina White’s “Self Help Book Pile" which depicts a boy on top of a pile of books, looking like he’s preparing to jump off the books and fly, with the aid of a large book on his back and a helmet. 

Instead of using a “pile”, I decided to use books that have helped me over the years to aid me in escaping into different worlds. The girl walking up the “stairs” to the Hobbit-hole based door is trying to emphasize this. Originally, the girl was supposed to be Alice (from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”) showing the wonders of these books and why they helped me. 

The black and white sketch was done using a charcoal pencil. I will need to develop my skills with this form of media as you can see the lines that I have scribbled before I tried to spread it out.

The coloured picture was done with watercolour pencils (and water - or it wouldn’t have worked). This was something I’d only ever done once before and it turned out okay (I’m still working on trying to get all my original GCSE Art pieces). I think I should have done some work on shading in this because, although I was basing my work on “…Book Pile” - as I like to call it - it looks too flat and too basic. I think I should’ve added my own twist. 

I’d quite like to keep using ideas like this, but I’m glad I used it for a first piece. I may keep coming back to this idea and keep building on it. 

The individual books are the books used for the stairs.